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MAX, THE BLIND GUY (June 2015) 

"Precocious. Provocative. Poignant. Mark Beyer’s massive novel Max, the blind guy is built like an intricate mansion of dozens of opulently adorned rooms and secret passageways and windows and doors that open up to the bright and vibrant world beyond. Told through multiple points of view, the story explores the delights, disappointments, disturbances, and distractions of love, lust, and the desire to get to the next place. Language play, humor, despair, and the engagement of a complicated community of characters, Max, the blind guy brings to mind the work of his literary predecessors such as Nabokov, Marquez, Dickens, and Dostoevsky. Good company. Good reading." — Patricia Ann McNair, author, THE TEMPLE OF AIR

Mark Beyer's gift of telling a story is evident within the pages of Max the blind guy. His use of language to paint a scene is masterful, and reminds me so much of the classic literature I love. This is not your fast-paced action-packed get it read and move on novel. Max and Greta are complex characters who deserve to be known, and by that I mean really knowing them. Understanding them. Otherwise, the ending (what a great ending it is) would make no sense. It's a thick book, so be prepared for hours of reading pleasure."
— Carl Purdon, author, RED EYES

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"I want to read this book. I must read this book." — Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

"Minus Orth's eccentricities ... make him the iconoclast he is intended to be." — Publishers Weekly

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"The Village Wit is a beautiful story that takes a long, hard look at love. Not the wish-fulfillment fantasy love of a romance novel but the warts and all love that can grow between real people with real lives and real baggage. This book is about love 'as it is' rather than as we would like it to be." — A.C. Flory, author, VOKHTAH

"In the tradition of Iris Murdoch, Richard Ford, Margaret Atwood, and Norman Rush, THE VILLAGE WIT delves deeply into the effects of loss, and the shadows found in love’s corners." — from the publisher

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