About Mark

Mark Beyer was born and raised in the Chicago area. He wrote his first story at the age of five, which he called "The Giant Eye" and to which he added an illustration: a full-page size bloodshot eye with bat-like wings and the legs of an ostrich. From that time onward, his imagination grew. 

In September 2010, he released his first novel, THE VILLAGE WIT. In 2012 his second novel was published, WHAT BEAUTY, a story of art, ego, and love. His third novel, MAX, THE BLIND GUY, has just been released. Each book has been published by Siren & Muse Publishing.

One reviewer has written Max, the blind guy brings to mind the work of his literary predecessors such as Nabokov, Marquez, Dickens, and Dostoevsky. Good company. Good reading." Another reader has said Beyer's prose writing is "like reading a classic."

He now makes his home in Europe alongside his wife, Asia Szustek. Currently, he is working on a new novel, about the latter life of a school shootist. Beyer also blogs at bibliogrind.com on themes of literature and book culture.

Max, the blind guy grew from a recognition on a street in Prague.